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Energize & Glow

Brentwood - Essex Countryside

Sun 23rd June | 2pm - 6:30pm

Supporting your energy and wellbeing

ChokuReiki Healing is a London and Essex based wellness and lifestyle brand. We aim to support your energy and mental health through Reiki therapy, Yoga classes, Sound baths and beautiful handmade healing crystal candles and crystal jewellery to bring healing energies into your life.

Our healing products are Reiki infused and charged with the full moon light. 

Reiki Therapy

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Reiki means Universal or Spiritual Energy. It is made up of two parts Rei meaning the divine, spirit, a source of something coming from above and Ki stands for Energy. The aim of Reiki is to balance energies within the body, mind and spirit to promote healing and wellbeing.​

The Reiki healing energy is channelled through me and it enters into your being through a series of hand positions, healing and balancing your chakras and the areas that need to be adjusted.

Yoga Classes in London and Essex

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Our Yoga style is a combination of Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga with a hint of healing vibes. Our classes always bring an element of healing and connection to the universal energy of LOVE. 

Our Yoga classes are open level and suitable for beginners. Join us to take you into a journey of inner connection to support your wellbeing and mental health, bringing stillness to the mind and movement to the body. 

Our Ethos


LGBTQAI+ Business

Ethically sourced


Handmade in London

100% Recyclable and reusable packaging

Reiki infused products

Crystal Healing Candles

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Our healing and manifestation crystal candles are individually made with love and charged with positive vibes for you. Our candles are handmade in London with soy wax and perfectly mixed with natural oils and crystals to bring healing to your mind and body.

Healing Crystal Jewellery

Discover our beautiful crystal jewellery. Each one of our crystal beads and raw crystals have been infused with Reiki and charged with the full moon light to enhance their vibrational frequency to support your needs and restore your energy. 

We work with natural crystals, sterling silver and bronze to create our modern crystal jewellery which is full of magic and positive energies. Bespoke pieces available upon request.

Healing Crystals

We sourced our beautiful crystals from all over the world and have available a range of crystal towers, raw crystals and Amethyst clusters. Pick the crystal that best fits your needs.

Our crystals have a Moon bath once a month in every Full Moon to cleanse and amplify their energy.

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Shop by Intention

Choose your crystals and healing products based on the energy you want to focus on.


Corporate Classes and Gifting


We would love to share our healing vibes with your business. Let us create bespoke packages to support your employees and clients wellbeing and mental health. These can be done through beautiful gift boxes featuring our healing candles and crystals or through Yoga classes and Reiki therapy at your workplace. 

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