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Corporate Gifting to promote wellbeing

Whether you are running a team away day, celebrating a special date or giving your employees and clients a thank you gift. We specialise in putting together bespoke wellness gift boxes that bring healing and positive vibes to help your people to feel good.


We customise your wellness gifting boxes with our signature products (crystal healing candles, salt baths, crystals and crystal jewellery). Let us know your plans and we will be happy to support your gifting occasion.

Corporate Wellbeing Activities

We want to help your people to feel good and happier when they are at work. ChokuReiki Healing's aims to work with organizations to enhance their wellbeing initiatives and create a space to support their employees mental health through Yoga and Reiki.

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Supporting the Mental Health of your organization by creating a Life / Work balance for your people.

After the pandemic most people feel overworked and over-stressed. This has been my experience working with people in offices (corporate clients) and my own when I worked in corporates. Organizations want productive people and to be able to achieve that it is important to have healthy and happy people doing the work.

My Yoga classes are designed to give people a space to relax, unwind and just be present with their bodies. From my yoga classes, I help your employees build a stable physical and mental foundation through movement and meditation that brings balance to the body and mind so they can start their working day feeling happy and energize or finish their day in the office feeling relax and balanced. My classes are for everybody and for all abilities. 

For Reiki, this is a unique personal space for people to come and heal their entire being. 90% of my current clients in offices come to Reiki because they feel anxious and stress at work so when they come to therapy with me they feel like this is a sacred space for them to let go and relax to receive positive and healing energy. 

What are the benefits of letting us be part of your wellbeing journey at work?

  • Happier and healthier people

  • Reducing people absence to work because of stress

  • Creating a safe space at work for people to unwind

  • Clearer minds and less affliction from stress

  • Stronger minds and bodies as yoga enhances body mobility and strengths the entire body

  • Body and mind awareness 

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