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ChokuReiki Healing & Manifestation candles combine the healing properties of aromatherapy, crystals and Reiki to bring harmony and healing to you and your space. My candles are unique because they are not mass produced, but individually made with love and healing purposes for you. Each candle has an authentic aroma blend from natural oils and companion crystals charged with Reiki and the full moon light to support your wellbeing.

Healing Candles

Candles connect us with the element of fire to shift the dense energy that is blocking the energy flow within and around us. Also, the light of the candles provide energetic support to us and our space, cleaning up our vibrational fields.


You can use the candles when meditating, doing yoga, having a bath or simply as decoration but always with the purpose of healing and harmonizing your being and your space. 

My candles are also environmentally friendly, vegan friendly and the content in the pack is all recyclable.

Choose your preferred candle and benefit from this powerful source of divine energy at home all the time. 

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