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Invocation of peace and connection to the universe. 


OM is the connection of mind, body and spirit that is at the heart of yoga

Shanti is inner peace


OM Shanti  mantra represents a state of mental, physical and spiritual bliss that leads to serenity and calmness enabling clear perception, inner knowledge and enlightenment. Repeat OM at the beginning and OM SHANTI three times at the end of your practice.


Invigorating and powerful blend to enable deeper connection in your yoga and meditation practices. Blissful citrus notes of bergamot and eucalyptus combined with jasmine flowers to relax and uplift your entire being. Heart notes of cedarwood and amber to nurture your senses. 


The candle comes with a hematite which is a powerful stone that protects you and activates the root chakra to help you stay grounded. It absorbs dense energy, reduces stress, enhances concentration in the different poses and gives you the confidence and strength you need. 

OM Shanti - Yoga Candle

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