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Reiki Treatments

Following a consultation I will guide you through some simple meditation techniques to help you experience a deeper state of relaxation, enabling you to switch your mind off from your busy life to only focus on you.  Reiki  energy is channelled through me and it enters into your being through a series of hand positions, healing and balancing your chakras and the areas that need to be adjusted.

Reiki therapy is for everybody!

Pregnancy Women

Pregnancy Reiki is a double session that benefits the Mum and the baby. There are no contraindications to perform Reiki during pregnancy. I have done Reiki to my friend’s weeks before the big day to reduce labour pain and help them to cope with the anxiety of the baby's arrival.


Reiki is also safe for kids of any age and helps them develop self-confidence, the ability to get along with others and improves learning and concentration abilities. Reiki is also used to treat ADD / ADHD.


People Under Medical Treatment

Reiki complements your medical treatment for any illness or medical condition helping to accelerate your healing process as well as reducing negative side effects from traditional medicine in your body.


People Passing Away

Reiki energy brings peace and spiritual relief, when people are suffering a long term illness like cancer and they are in the last days of life Reiki can help them to reduce physical pain and to peacefully transition into death.

I offer Traditional Reiki using my hands only to channel the healing energy and Crystal Reiki which combines my hands and the power of the crystals to balance your mind and body. You can book your session below. 

All Reiki treatments are tailored to what your mind and body need.

I also offer distant Reiki via Zoom. Contact me for more information.

Reiki Treatments

  • Channeling healing energy through my hands.

    1 hr

    50 British pounds
  • Channeling energy through my hands and crystals.

    1 hr

    60 British pounds
  • Get four sessions of traditional Reiki and save £20

    1 hr

    180 British pounds
  • Get four sessions of Crystal Reiki and save £20

    1 hr

    220 British pounds

Your Reiki treatment is tailored to what your body and mind need right now.
Distant Reiki available via Zoom. Contact me for more information. 

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