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The most asked questions from clients when they are new to Reiki.

  • Reiki Disclaimer

Reiki practitioners do not diagnose medical or psychological conditions, prescribe medicine and perform medical treatments unless they are trained or qualified as doctors. Reiki is often use to supplement medical or psychological treatment but it is not a substitute of traditional medical treatment.

  • Is Reiki a religion? Do I need to believe in something?

Reiki is not a religion and it does not matter what your faith is, where your beliefs come from or if you are a religious person or not. Anyone can benefit from Reiki. I have had clients coming to therapy feeling a bit unsure about this and I am always amazed to see how their perceptions about Reiki changed after their first treatment. 

  • Does the Reiki practitioner touch me?

I always ask my clients at the beginning of the session if they want hands on or hands off. Reiki works exactly the same either way. 

  • How many sessions do I need for Reiki to work? and how often?

I recommend one or two sessions to start but it varies case by case. Reiki healing is very powerful and you will feel the difference since your first treatment. In terms of how often, it varies case by case but once a week or once a month is recommended. 

  • What is the length of a Reiki session?

My sessions last for 60min but I can also do 30min depending on each person's condition.

  • Can you give Reiki to my dog or cat?

Absolutely! The same as human beings, animals have feelings and emotions that cause them imbalances across their energetic points. Animals also get ill and can benefit from Reiki to speed up their healing process.

  • Do we need to be in the same room to have a Reiki session?

We do not need to be together in a physical space to give you Reiki as I can also send distance Reiki. I can send you Reiki energy anywhere you are, It works the same if we are together in the same room or if you are in the farthest island on earth. The most important thing when performing Reiki is the intention to heal. 


I have send Reiki distance several times to friends in Australia and Colombia and they have felt the energy as if we were together in a face to face session. We can schedule a distance treatment but be aware you might experience sensations during the session so it is better if you are in a comfortable and secure place during the length of the session.

  • People often ask for examples from my own Reiki experience:

  • I have treated people with broken bones, back pain, ear pain, migraine, etc

  • I have also assisted couples going through IVF treatment to support the emotional pressure of this process

  • I have assisted people in pre and post surgery to help them calm their mind prior the operation and then to speed up the healing process after

  • I have helped people trying to quit smoking 

  • I have supported people going through emotional challenges and life changes




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