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Moonstone Hexagon Pendant


This beautiful hand polished pendant comes with an 18 inches sterling silver chain.


Moonstone represents connection to the divine, with mother moon and high realms of energy. This is a powerful stone to wear during the new moon and full moon as she increases your vibrations and intuition in connection with the moon's energy, helping you to manifest and set your intentions with an open heart. 


She represents new beginnings, inner growth and strength to achieve your life goals. Moonstone energy is calm and peaceful which stabilises your emotions, inviting harmony and connection with your conciousness. 


Moonstone's energy focuses on the third eye and solar plexus chakras.


The hexagons have been infused with Reiki and super charged with the full moon light. 


The average crystal size is 3.5 / 4cm and they are all different. 

Moonstone Pendant

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