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I met Emy last year through a friend and had a few Reiki treatments with him. I didn’t know much about Reiki at the time and thought I’d give it a go. I was also going through some fertility issues and have heard that Reiki could be beneficial for that. Emy is such a lovely person, he made me feel so calm and relax during my treatments and I felt so much better after my treatments too.

During one of my session Emy also felt some spiritual energy around me and had asked if I had lost a loved one recently. I mentioned that I had lost my dad recently and really missed him. Emy felt his presence and helped me find some peace and with my emotion, which helped me to say goodbye properly. I can honestly say that I believe after having my treatment with Emy he really helped me prepare for my Fertility treatment and also with my personal emotion towards my dad which I didn’t deal with properly until now. 

I can’t thank Emy enough for this, I have recommended him to my friends and family! 


Emy and his treatments, I feel was one of the successful steps we took in making our dream of starting a family a reality. I would highly recommend Emy to anyone!

Gemma Milan
Hitchin - UK

This was my first time receiving this healing practice, and I couldn’t picked a better person to introduce me to it. Emy has a great calming healing presence. He took the time to educate me on Reiki and explain the healing process.

The radiant energy coming from his hands to my body felt amazing. I was able to deeply relax as Emy worked on me. I will definitely see him again for another session.
I highly recommend Emy!!!

Lola Fernandez

Benidorm - Spain

In 2018 my health went down, the doctors found thyroid cancer on me and told me that I needed to go into surgery... Everything happened really fast and my health was deteriorating fast, weeks before the surgery to remove the thyroid cancer the doctors found a cyst in the right ovary which made me going into the emergency room and due the inflammation and the ovary got peritonitis. I lost an ovary and this situation did not help me to be prepared for the cancer surgery. 


Emy decided to help me with Reiki to alleviate the stress and pain caused by surgery in the ovary plus the infection that it triggered. Emy started doing distance Reiki sessions that managed to calm my anxiety and reduced the pain, however the results of the last session he did were very impressive as even knowing the benefits of Reiki the results were more than expected.


This session was planned in advance and Emy wanted to lower down my level of anxiety to help me sleep the day before the cancer surgery as it was a high risk operation where it was very likely the doctor would remove the entire thyroid possibly affecting my voice plus the terrible pain that this type of surgery produces. This Reiki session was beyond spectacular, my entire body disconnected and I could feel the energy received in and out my entire body. I managed to sleep that night after several sleepless nights. The cancer surgery was longer than planned because they found more cancer than expected. The big surprise was that I came out of the surgery as if nothing had happened, my time in the clinic should be min three days but on the second day my body was recovered and I felt excellent, no bleeding, not loss of voice so with surprise I got checked out.


I can reassure the energy Emy shared with me was a truly force of healing, Emy also did some work on my medication (energy charge) so with all of that Emy made the results of the surgery excellent and the recovery process faster than expected. 
Thanks you Emy for the light and energy you always send to me!

Aida Laverde

Adelaide - Australia

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