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Using crystals to manage stress and anxiety

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One of my dearest friend who works as doctor for the NHS here in London mentioned to me a couple of weeks ago he was feeling very anxious because of the current situation with COVID19, he was thinking of asking me to give him some Reiki because his anxiety levels were up to the roof and he was having difficulties to sleep and switch off.
While I was having that conversation with my friend I thought to myself... why not using crystals to healing him? and a parallel message came to my mind telling me to create a crystal grid to help him managing stress and anxiety. The initial intention was to help my friend but anyone can benefit from this resource.
I have crafted this crystal grid using Smoky Quartz, Amethyst and Lepidolite to balance your mood, calm your emotions and ground your being channeling the crystals energy through the Start of David to mobilize energy from the heart chakra. 
I want to share a bit of love and positive vibes with you all to help you feeling better during this challenging times the world is going through. Hope you enjoy the guide and feel the power of crystals in your life.

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