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Reiki Supports Your Wellbeing

Reiki therapy is an ancient method of holistic healing that treats the entire being at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels. The aim of Reiki is to balance energies within the body, mind and spirit to promote healing and wellbeing.

Reiki offers great benefits to support your mental health such us:

💨 Reiki promotes relaxation and brings healing to the entire physical and mental bodies
💥 Reiki dissolves energy blockages caused by life experiences, feelings and emotions that don't do any good to your mental health
💤 Reiki improves your sleeping patterns because your body is relaxed. You will always sleep like a baby when having Reiki!
🤗 Reiki relieves stress and anxiety by balancing the energy flow in your body and giving you a space to unwind the mind
🙏 Reiki is a perfect "Me Time" choice to heal your entire being through the divine energy 

WPP will be offering FREE Reiki sessions on Tuesday 11th October at Rose Court campus 

Click "Book Now" and choose the timeslot that works best for you.

Reiki Therapy - WPP Wellbeing

  • Channelling energy through my hands to bring healing and balance.

    30 min

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