Reiki Treatments

Following a consultation I will guide you through some simple meditation techniques to help you experience a deeper state of relaxation, enabling you to switch your mind off from your busy life to only focus on you.  Reiki  energy is channeled through me and it enters into your being through a series of hand positions, healing and balancing the areas that need to be adjusted.

Given the current situation with COVID19 all therapies are offered virtually via Zoom. You can still benefit from the nurturing and warmth energy of Reiki from your home wherever you are. Distant Reiki works the same as if we were together in a physical space. 

Traditional Reiki

Using my hands to channel energy to balance and heal your mind and body.

Crystal Reiki

Using my hands and the power of the crystals to channel energy to stimulate your centers of energy or Chakras to balance out mind and body.

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Harold Wood, Romford, UK