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Ocean | Blue Aura Quartz & Sodalite


This beautiful necklace represents the energy of the oceans and our planet. It is made of matte blue aura quartz and Sodalite. Clear Quartz is the healer of the crystals. It's divine energy represents oneness as it combines all the energies all the universe to bring positive and healing vibes to you. The Sodalite sphere in the middle sits right on top of the Throath Chakra, helping you to express and communicate better. 


The silver claps is an angel wing representing the spiritual guidance we get from our guides.   


Our crystals are authentic, unique and beautiful as you are.  


Crystal: Blue Aura Clear Quartz and Sodalite
Chakras: Crown and Throat
Metal: Sterling Silver   
Length: 16” (longer or shorter version available upon request)



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